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tear and drink

detox & bloat relief

detox now made easy!

A detox superdrink that keeps your gut healthy and relief bloating. So simple, so easy. Just tear and drink, have it on-the-go.

Proven results – designed using only 
carefully selected premium ingredients that is safe and gentle, yet effective. 

why float reset?

we have designed a product to get you back on track that gives the result you desire.

reduce bloating
promote gut health
better skin
weight loss & management

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Float is a concept of life.
The modern way of doing things.
 Because we believe 
sustainability is key to a real lifestyle. Crazy diet and strict routine makes you miss out on life. Celebrate being healthy and gorgeous, and float with us!

can't resist
yet want to
look good?

we are with
you, babe.

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OMG I love this! Float Reset is ready to drink which makes my life so much easier now. I used to take the powdered formula and have to mix with water. But with tear and drink, I can have it anytime, anywhere!
- mandy kwan, PJ
This actually works!! I'm on my first box and I'm loving the result! My clothes are so much looser now. Even my friends are noticing it. I'm hooked on this.
- michelle lee, KL
I've always struggled with bloating. My friend who has the same problem introduced me to Float Reset. Now I don't have to worry anymore about bloating! Highly recommend Float Reset.
- cindy ong, PJ

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